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Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded – Fix!

Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded – Repair!

Runtime error r6002
The first thing I can say about Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded is that it can become nothing but a pain in the…anyway, I’ve prepared the following step-by-step quick guide which I believe should solve this problem for most users.
Common symptoms of this error
First of all, this error isn’t unique to this program or another; it usually occurs and may occur whenever you try to run programs such as Windows Media Player, Firefox, Winrar etc. Usually, Windows pops up an error message that indicates which programs caused this error.
Again, those are the most typical symptoms that most users run into with this error, however as you’ve probably already noticed, the Web is full of forum posts about various other situations where this error erupts.
Possible causes to this error
To make it clear – there isn’t one specific cause that I can point out that causes this Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded, however, there are few factors that usually cause it to erupt:
(1) Virus or spyware infection
(2) Incorrect software installation or removal
(3) Corruption of program files
(4) Missing program files

Step-by-step repair guide
As mentioned earlier, there several common factors that cause this error, so let’s handle them one by one.
(1) Scan for viruses and spyware
Use a reliable anti-virus program such as Microsoft Security EssentialsIt’s free (for anyone with a genuine Windows system) and I found it much more reliable than all the other free anti-virus solutions.
If no viruses/spyware were found then…
(2) Uninstall the related program
When Windows pops up that error message, see if it indicates a program name or a path to a specific program file. Once you identify that program – uninstall it!
In many cases it is MICROSOFT VISUAL C ++.
(3) Delete all that program’s related files and folders
If any files and folders that belong to that program are left on your HD –delete them.
Attention! Just to be on the safe side – before you do that, open a new folder on your desktop and keep a backup of those files and folders.
(4) Re-install the latest version of that program and restart your PC
If it was MICROSOFT VISUAL C ++ then download it from here .
In most cases, following these 4 steps should solve the problem.
If not, then there’s probably a problem with one or several incorrect/corrupt file/application paths, program shortcuts, etc.
(5) Detect the source(s) to this error
Use the following Windows errors scanner (free scan) to conduct an in-depth scan to your entire Windows system. By the end of the scan it’ll provide you with a detailed report about the various errors that it has detected.

Pinpointing problematic Windows OS configuration

Pinpointing problematic Windows OS configuration
Go over the list of errors - see if it has detected the source to this Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded error.

 Enjoy frnds and if u  faces any problem then hit me a comment, i'll help u a soon as possible.